The whiteboard and butchers paper are filled with good ideas, action plans are drawn up, responsibilities allotted, and then nothing happens.

There’s the drift back to the status quo while opportunities for innovation languish.

It’s a familiar experience for many executives—but at a time when innovation and the need for fresh thinking are needed like never before it’s a lost opportunity according to creative leadership consultant Dr Ralph Kerle.

With a background in the creative arts, and formerly an associate director of the Sydney Theatre Company, Kerle has latterly been working with corporations to address the issue of executive creativity and particularly CFO creativity which he sees as the missing link in enterprise innovation.

He himself ran many corporate ideation workshops but for years; “I had never had a CFO in the room. There would always be a point at the end of the discussion where we needed a budget and have it signed off.” He says that in 85 per cent of cases the workshop ideas would go nowhere because the processes and funding were absent.

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