On average, Australian social media users access Facebook 32 times a week. It remains the most popular social network – though Instagram is gaining ground.

According to the most recent Sensis Social Media report 95 per cent of social media users have Facebook accounts, 31 per cent Instagram, 24 per cent Linked In and 19 per cent Twitter.

But is there value to social networks beyond social communications?

Yes, according to Ming Long, non-executive director of Chartered Accountants ANZ and the Property Council of Australia, and a former group CFO of Investa Property Group before taking on the Investa CEO role.

Speaking at FEI events around Australia, Long said every finance executive should at least have an up to date profile on LinkedIn. “It's a tool for recruiters and HR people looking for talent. If you're not in there it’s very hard for them to find you.”

She said that Twitter was also a particularly useful platform for finance directors to build their personal brand.

“You need to have an insurance policy for yourself, and build your own personal profile that is not connected to you organisation because we know executives don't stay within an organisation for 20 years. People do move around - particularly millennials.

“It’s very important to build your own profile so people see you - and Twitter is a great equaliser from a buyer’s perspective. You see people's opinions and their tweets before you see their gender, their height.”


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