A massive shift is underway in the way people work, and the skills that are prized.

Dr Jed Kolko is chief economist for Indeed, the world’s largest online job market which attracts 200 million visits per month, holds 100 million resumes and posts more than 30,000 new jobs a week. That data bank provides rich troves of insights about the changing world of work.

During a visit to Australia when Dr Kolko spoke at the University of Sydney he said; “Our ability to see the statistics provides leading indicators into the job market about the impact of automation and globalisation, and what the (jobs) distribution will look like.

“It’s not simply how many jobs are displaced, but the regions and sectors most affected.”

He also said that in the future as even recruitment is impacted by technology; “The privileged will get evaluated by people, the masses will be evaluated by machines.”

At the same time there is a structural shift underway in the types of work available.

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